What is Way2ride?It’s about creating a better way to get around New York City using
any one of its 13,000+ licensed yellow taxis.
How does it work?The first step is bringing true one-tap payments to taxis using your mobile phone. No more fumbling for your wallet or navigating payment screens at the end of the ride. With a different tap, you can view nearby vacant taxis or estimate a taxi fare in advance. Soon you will also be able to electronically hail vacant taxis with your app for immediate pickup.With payment, tip and receipt preferences stored in your app, a single tap at the beginning of your ride is all it takes. When the ride is over, you can just get out.
1.Get inWhen you get into a taxi, just open the app and press the “I’m in a taxi” button
2.TapIn most taxis, the speaker is located below the screen in the middle of the partition...
but if the TaxiTV screen is located up in the glass, look for the speaker below the credit card terminal.
3.Get outWhen the ride is over, just check the TaxiTV screen make sure your payment has processed and get out. That’s it!

The check-in tap works automatically only at the beginning of the ride. If you’re on your phone when you get into the cab, don’t worry. Just press the mobile check-in button to re-enable it. And if for some reason, your tap doesn’t work, just enter the 7-digit code to check in manually.
What if I want to change my tip or my credit card? The app is set by default to Auto-Pay, which means you don’t need to confirm your payment for each ride. But as cool as Auto-pay is, we know that you sometimes want to change your tip during the ride, or switch to your corporate card to get reimbursed. If you disable Auto-Pay, you will be asked to confirm payment with a single tap on the TaxiTV screen at the end of the ride. If you want to cancel Auto-Pay or edit any preference during an individual trip, just press “I’m in a Taxi” during the trip and press Cancel Auto-Pay in the app or update and save your preferences. You can also cancel the entire trip in the app or (for non-Auto-Pay) on the TaxiTV screen at the end of the ride. Then you can simply pay by card or cash as you normally would. If you swipe a card in the taxi that is registered to your account, your receipt will still be available in your history in the app or online. What phones can I use? Right now, the app is available for Android and iPhone. Is my information secure? VeriFone is the worldwide leader in secure electronic payments (just look down the next time you swipe your credit card in over 80% of major US retailers). Plus, we’ve been accepting your in-taxi payments here in New York for over seven years. Does it work in all the taxis? The app currently works in over 5,000 taxis, and we are working on upgrading the rest in NYC. What if I have a problem? Be sure to have your e-receipt handy to help us identify the appropriate taxi or trip. You can email the relevant receipt and your issue to way2-support@verifone.com. If the problem is with the app itself, you can press “Submit error report” from within the settings section of the app. If you have a general problem about the taxi or driver, please dial 311 to contact the City directly. Does it cost anything to use the app? Nope. Just your regular taxi fare, plus any tip you choose.
Sign up within the Way2ride Mobile Application to receive standard rate text message for VeriFone Way2ride. Message frequency based upon use. Text STOP to 43521 to opt out. Text HELP to 43521 for support, 1-866-283-3630. Message and data rates may apply. Participating Carriers include: AT&T, MetroPCS, Cricket, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, Nextel, Boost, Virgin Mobile and Verizon Wireless.